Phillips Norelco One Blade – The Best Personal Shaver Ever Made!

I’ve been looking for an effective, reasonably priced, personal shaver for years.  They either don’t work or work too well meaning they cut you when you use it on your stuff.  I’m so happy with my Phillips Norelco One Blade , I wanted to tell everyone about it male or female.  I’ve had it for a month now and it cuts hair as close as possible anywhere on the body whether it’s your side bearns, underarms, or that space between your peanuts and your blow hole.  lol.  Guys, some women may feel welcomed to the jungle but most would rather not be that adventurous and have to wonder what you got going on down there.  As a man, we are hunters so we don’t mind having to hunt or catch the easy, low lying fruit every now and then.  Women, if you want a shaver you can trust anywhere, get the Phillips Norelco One Blade for yourself first, and then get one for your significant other.  Buying one for him will be like giving yourself a gift if you can read between the lines.  Phillips Norelco maked a number of top rated products including the Sonicare  tooth brush and the One Blade Pro which is a larger version of the regular One Blade that looks like this.

I don’t have hair on my back like some people.  I saw the promo video for this shaver and it’s amazing and would be my choice for the best body shaver.  I like the size of the One Blade for my personal areas…I can’t see myself using this for that, lol.  But what you see to the right under the two spare blades this comes with it an adjustable attachment that replaces the many attachments that typically ship with shavers like this.  I have so many blade attachments, I no longer know which shavers they fit on.  Half of them I no longer have the shaver for.  Phillips Norelco’s solution to this problem is to create one device that can be adjusted to any standard length.  Very smart but at my age, long hair is no longer my problem…gray hairs however need not apply like a dandelion on your front lawn…more like crab grass growing everyone so I just shave everything off with my Phillips Norelco One Blade.

In conclusion, there is an alternative called the Micro Touch Solo which is what I saw first before the One Blade.  I spent about 3 hours looking at all the reviews comparing both the One Blade and the Micro Touch Solo which looks like the image below.

They both seem to use the same type of blade which I can imagine would give you the same closeness without cutting you and the Micro Touch Solo can be used in the shower.  The One Blade will cost you about $10 more than the Solo.  I personally would spring for the One Blade just because of the name but watching the Youtube comparisons, the only thing that stands out is that the One Blade’s motor seemed to be a little more powerful.  Did you tell you I love my One Blade?

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