Copper French Press Coffee Maker Stainless Steel Cafetiere by King Koffee | 34oz 1000 mL 8 Cups | Unique Extra Large Plunger | Antique Classic Edition | Milk Frother, Tea Infuser | Rust Free

Superior Modern Design With Vintage Feel
The striking copper build is finished with an antique brushed effect to give a unique vintage feel to a superior modern design. Moreover, the exclusive flat copper plunger top not only adds even more visual appeal to an already beautiful piece, but makes for a more comfortable experience for your hands. So not only will your taste buds thank you, so will your hands!
Travel Ready & Dishwasher / Microwave Safe*
Compact and light enough to place in a travel bag or backpack and take with you for superior tasting tea or coffee wherever you go! Sturdy enough to use in a dishwasher or wash by hand. The glass carafe is removable and can be safely heated in a microwave to give you the best coffee experience every time! *Note: Refer to best practices printed on box.

Detailed Instructions
Detailed instructions for the perfect brew are provided with photos and easy to read text right on the box. We want to ensure you get the best experience out of using the Koffee King French press coffee maker. If this isn't the best coffee you've every had, send it back for a refund!
Makes More Than Just Coffee or Tea!
Unlike our competitors, the Koffee King coffee plunger was built to be versatile. Use it as a milk frother to make whipped cream, as a tea infuser to brew tea or even to rinse quona. In fact it can be used to strain just about anything from liquid off frozen spinach to broth from mussels! If something happens to your Koffee King within 1 year, we will send you a new one, FREE!
The Greatest Coffee Experience Is Now Open!
Give your taste buds what's they've been craving for their whole life! Normally priced $65.95, but as a LAUNCH SPECIAL for an extremely LIMITED time we are offering this exquisite Koffee King french coffee press at 55% off for only $29.95. And if that isn't enough, order today and get FREE SHIPPING! (While supplies last.)

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