Fitness Tracker – Smart Bracelet with Activity Tracker, GPS Tracker, Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor, Calories and Steps Counter – Smart Wristband for iOS and Android

Track everything
From the number of steps and daily distance to heart rate and calories – this fitness watch gets what you cover.

14 training modes
We give you plenty to choose from: fitness, running, walking, yoga, riding, dancing, football, tennis, basketball, badminton, climbing, treadmill, hiking, spinning.

Smart notifications
Smart band will also notify you of everything you need to know: calls and SMS alerts, reminders to move, heart rate, burnt calories, number of steps etc.

Weather forecast
Never get caught off guard in the rainy or cold weather with the smart weather forecast feature. Watch local weather right in your fitness tracker.

Meditation and relaxation
Take off the strain of daily stress with smart watch by Bitzen. Our breathing guide will help you to stay calm, positive and productive throughout the day.

Call and SMS notifications
Stay in touch with your daily needs and easily accept or decline calls via your smart bracelet. Get instant alerts about all messages received.

Alarm clock
Analyze quality and phases of your sleep with smart band and set the alarm clock at the right time of your sleeping phase to wake up full of energy.

Waterproof – IP67 Standard
Whether you're taking a shower or rowing the fitness watch will work flawlessly.

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